What is a Transfusion?

Transfusion is a ready to drink version of the classic cocktail well known to golfers, made with premium vodka, concord grape & ginger ale.

Is Transfusion a malt beverage?

No, thank goodness. It is made with premium vodka.

Why haven’t I heard of a Transfusion cocktail before?

  • It’s brand new
  • You’re not a golfer

What is the alcohol by volume?

Transfusion is 7% ABV, while Transfusion Light is 5% ABV.

Where can I purchase Transfusion?

Right here! Click here, or give the “buy now” button a little click to get started.

At what temperature is Transfusion best served?

Whatever you prefer. We recommend chilled ice-cold.

Is there any lime in Transfusion?

While the traditional recipe includes a squeeze or wedge of lime, we leave that part up to you.