Trinity Flavors Iced Irish Coffee

Introducing a twist on the classic Irish coffee, our very own Iced Irish Coffee! Bar patrons around the globe are familiar with this warming, classic cocktail. However, our twist is the libation that can also be iced down for the perfect pour and smooth taste. Iced Irish Coffee provides the delicious, velvety blend of coffee flavors that you know and love with an alcohol kick. Trinity Flavors’ teams up with La Colombe Coffee Roasters and Faber Craft Spirits for the best Philadelphia-made, ready to drink offering this side of the pond. However you take it, hot, cold, or top of the morning – we’ll get you #IrishBuzzed. 

Canned and Ready to Drink Irish Coffee Cocktail

Hard coffee is like your favorite t-shirt or pair of sneakers that go with everything—it’s versatile. Our newest libation – Iced Irish Coffee – is just that, functional, and an all-around great drink for any time of the day. Combining the flavors of the best, Philadelphia-made beverage leaders, including Trinity Flavors, La Colombe coffee, and Faber liquors, our canned Irish coffee drink is perfect after a hard day of work, a hungover morning, a boozy brunch, a day on the slopes, an early morning tailgate, or a pregame before a night out. 

We take La Colombe’s premium cold brew iced coffee and Faber’s easy drinking liquor and created a boozy canned Irish coffee drink that will be loved by everyone. Convenience in a can, crack open an Iced Irish Coffee, and find your pot of gold today! 

Why You’ll Love It

Trinity Flavors is a Philadelphia based, woman-owned company. After creating the wildly successful Transfusion – our ready-to-drink, grab-n’-go, take-it-anywhere, delightful blend of premium vodka, concord grape juice, and sparkling ginger ale, Trinity Flavors set out to bring another delicious libation to the market. The goal was to create a drink that not only tasted good but was easy to drink. The result? Our boozy, spiked coffee drink! Take your tastebuds on a ride with an icy take on the classic Irish Coffee cocktail. Made with real coffee and contains caffeine, you’ll find a perfectly balanced, delicious blend of coffee infused with alcohol that pairs perfectly with just about anything. The sweet, rich flavor of the coffee beans creates an exceptionally smooth taste that any coffee lover will appreciate. The easy-drinking liquor provides that alcohol kick you desire. 

Our Iced Irish Coffee is available across Pennsylvania and Delaware and rapidly making its way into markets like Savannah, Atlanta, and Athens, GA, Nashville, TN, and Charlotte, Myrtle Beach, and Hilton Head, SC.

History of Iced Irish Coffee

You can find mentions of Irish creamed ice coffee almost 100 years ago. As far back as 1943, people were sipping on the hugely popular iced coffee beverage. The original recipe contained cream, coffee, sugar, and whiskey, and many variations have since surfaced. With an ode to the traditional drink, Trinity Flavors is excited to bring you Iced Irish Coffee. Give us a try and let us know how you enjoy your Iced Irish Coffee!