Over the past few years, sparkling alcoholic beverages have become all the rage. These refreshing, canned drinks are perfect for the summer thanks to their convenient grab-and-go packaging. If you’re thinking about picking up some canned alcoholic beverages for yourself, why not support a local company while you’re at it? If you live in Montgomery County or the surrounding area, then Trinity Flavors is your go-to for the best-canned vodka drinks. We provide quality alcoholic beverages to Plymouth Meeting, King of Prussia, Horsham, and many more towns in Montgomery County. Let’s take a look at what makes Trinity Flavors different from the rest of its competitors. 

Local Canned Vodka Drinks

If you want to support a local business and enjoy the best-canned vodka drinks around, then Trinity Flavors is perfect for you. Not only is Trinity Flavors a woman-owned company, but was also created right here in Montgomery County. The idea to create Trinity Flavors came to Kathleen Pires, our founder, and owner, when she was relaxing on the beaches of Sea Isle City, NJ. Kathleen was thinking about how much she loved the Transfusion Cocktail served at RiverCrest Golf Club in Phoenixville. Then, the idea of making the cocktail into a canned beverage suddenly came to her, and before you know it, Trinity Flavors was created. 

Our Drinks

Once the idea was out there, we got to work to create our three canned vodka drinks that are available today. The Transfusion drink, which was the inspiration for our brand, is a blend of concord grape juice, sparkling ginger ale, and vodka. Transfusion is made with natural flavors, is gluten-free, and has a seven percent ABV. Next, we created the Transfusion Light for those looking for a beverage with a lower ABV. Substituting concord grape juice with concord grape flavor, the Transfusion Light is only 100 calories, five percent ABV, gluten-free, and has no sugar added. Last but not least, we have the Iced Irish Coffee. Our take on the classic beverage contains a blend of spirits from Faber and coffee from La Colombe all in a sleek 12 oz can. Our Iced Irish Coffee is certified gluten-free and nine percent ABV. If you want to bring Trinity Flavors to a fun celebration, we created a fun and convenient party bucket for any 21+ occasion. All three of our beverages are made locally in Montgomery County. 

Find Trinity Flavors in Montgomery County Today!

Drinking Trinity Flavors canned vodka drinks is the perfect way to support your local community and enjoy a delicious, refreshing beverage. Not only is the drink made in Montgomery County, but it is also inspired by the community. Wondering where you can find Trinity Flavor products near you? Check out our product finder to find a location closest to you in Montgomery County or the surrounding area! Our beverages are available at places including Joe Canal’s Discount Liquor Outlet, Fine Wine & Good Spirits, and Total Wine, just to name a few.