Trinity Flavors Purple Background Photo A ready-to-drink, grab-n’-go, take-it-anywhere, spirits-based cocktail blend of concord grape juice, sparkling ginger ale and vodka. Transfusion offers a quenching alternative to beer—certain to be a
hit with golfers and everyone else! Invite your customers to pick up
a case, and we’ll make sure you always have a supply on hand.
Trinity Flavors Canned Transfusion PGA Partner Logo The Classic Clubhouse Cocktail is now available anytime. Shop Now
Purple Background A lighter version of our Transfusion Cocktail made with Vodka, Sparkling Ginger Ale and Concord Grape flavor. 100 calories, 5% ABV, Gluten Free and no sugar added! Canned Transfusion Light Drink PGA Partner Logo The Classic Lighter Clubhouse
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Trinity Flavors Green Background Our icy take on the classic Iced Irish Coffee with a blend of spirits from Faber and coffee from La Colombe. 12 oz sleek can, 9% ABV, Gluten Free. Trinity Flavors Iced Irish Coffee PGA Partner Logo The Classic Irish Coffee Cocktail is now available anytime. Shop Now

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trinity flavors women owned business
When I launched Trinity Flavors back in 2017, I never really knew the impact that I would be having on an industry that was predominantly male. It’s important to me that we continue to diversify this industry and I’m happy to be a part of a shifting culture and influence in the spirit’s world. If I inspire one woman to take the leap and believe in herself and her ideas, then I will consider my job done!

Kathy Pires - Founder

trinity flavors women owned business
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