What if we told you that your favorite golf cocktail has gone mainstream and could be at a local event near you? At Trinity Flavors, we’re taking the classic Transfusion and putting our spin on it. We take our premium locally made vodka, combine it with sparkling ginger ale, and a delicious, fresh concord grape flavor. What was once reserved for the clubhouse, is now available anytime and anywhere at an event near you!

Canned, portable, easy-to-drink cocktails have taken the nation by storm, popping up in liquor stores, local bars, and community events everywhere. We are excited to be a part of this movement in the Greater Philadelphia area. If you’re looking for something fun to do in the area and want a chance to try our locally made vodka drink, you’ve come to the right place! This page contains all the details of upcoming events we’ll be a part of, from tastings we hold at your favorite bars to golfing events where we share our version of the Transfusion with attendees.

Remember to check this page often, as we’ll constantly be updating it with our whereabouts. We’re excited to hit the road with our premium, ready-to-drink cocktail, and meet all our friends and fans. If you know the perfect bar, festival, or event where you think Trinity Flavors will fit in, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and maybe, just maybe we’ll make a trip to your neck of the woods! Our trusty Trinity Flavors team travels far and wide across the Tri-state area and is always looking for somewhere new—and fun—to go.

Trinity Flavors is a women-owned company born right here in the Greater Philadelphia area. Owners and sisters Kathleen Pires and Mary Kate Mink began developing their locally made vodka drink as a way to create something new and fun that was steeped in tradition. The Transfusion is a golf cocktail that has been enjoyed on the green for many years and by many generations. Trinity Flavors fun take on the classic hopes to bring the feeling of nostalgia to its consumers—whether you’re on the golf course or just in your backyard creating memories. From the shelves of Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores in Bucks and Montgomery County, PA to the community or golfing events hosted by our friends, families, and supporters, we hope to see you soon somewhere! If you can’t wait to try us, buy now for free home delivery within Pennsylvania.