Trinity Flavors

Our Process

Founded in 2017, Trinity Flavors is a locally-crafted canned cocktail brand that is distilled, canned, and distributed right here in the local suburbs of Philadelphia. Our three Trinity Flavors include our flagship Transfusion, Vodka Lemonade, and Espresso Martini. All three of our canned cocktails are mixed and made at Boardroom Spirits in Landsdale, PA. This process includes distilling Boardroom Spirits Vodka to be used in the cocktails and mixing all the high-quality and organic ingredients to create a refreshing gluten-free cocktail. The Transfusion blends vodka with concord grape juice and sparkling ginger ale, the Vodka Lemonade is a mix of vodka and natural lemonade flavors, and the Espresso Martini uses a combination of vodka and LaColombe coffee, sourced from their location in Philadelphia.

Once the cocktails are blended, an assembly line completes the process by canning the drinks with our partner Iron Heart Canning, filling the cans with our delicious cocktails, sealing them, attaching the label, and prepping them to be either sold by the case or by the pallet to be shipped out to local Fine Wine and Good Spirits, liquor stores, and golf courses across Southeast Pennsylvania. All Trinity Flavors products source locally distilled vodka, use natural flavors, and are organic and gluten-free.

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