Looking for the best drink to drink at a golf course? Check out our drinks at Trinity Flavors. We offer three different drinks that are all perfect to drink at the golf course. Triny Flavors is proud to sell the best golf course drinks. Trinity Flavors is a local company started by Kathleen who has a long history of working in the drinks industry and a family history of entrepreneurial grit in the drinks industry. She also comes from a long line of golf lovers and transfusion cocktail drinkers. She was in Sea Isle, New Jersey, when she realized she wanted to sell transfusion cocktails in a can and was inspired by her late uncle who, with a group of friends, helped make premade Arnold Palmers, taking the idea to Arnold Palmer’s agents, and then working with Arizona Iced tea. Trinity Flavors is a woman-owned company that is proud of its roots, and to be serving West Chester and its golf courses. 

Our Products

If you’re a golfer you’re going to love our familiar and classic Transfusion, a blend of concord grape juice, sparkling ginger ale, and vodka. Our Transfusion has a 7% ABV. It’s gluten-free, and only has natural flavors. It’s the perfect drink to crack open with your friends on the golf course. Our Transfusion Lite is great for a golfer who’s watching their calories or sugar intake. The Transfusion Lite is only 100 calories, and It’s a great option for someone who is watching their health. It has a 5% ABV.  It’s the lighter version of our classic Transfusion Cocktail. The Transfusion Lite has vodka, sparkling ginger ale, and the concord grape flavor. It’s gluten-free and has no added sugar. It’s truly a great option for someone who wants to enjoy a nice Transfusion on the golf course but wants to watch their calories or consume less sugar. Finally, we have our Iced Irish Coffee, it’s a blend of sprites from Faber and delicious coffee from La Colombe in a 12 oz sleek clan. It’s gluten-free and has a 9% ABV, making it our highest one. Our drinks are some of the best golf course drinks! Men and women golfers will both love these transfusion drinks easily transportable in a can. These flavors are delicious and are a great drink to have on a golf course. Are you tired of beer, IPA’s, malt liquors, a Transfusion canned drink is the way to go! 

Where to Find?

If you’ve been searching for the best canned transfusion near me, stop your search now! We offer free shipping within Pennsylvania and you can buy our products from the following stores; Super Buy-Rite, Wine and Liquor, Total Wine and More, Fine Wine and Good Sprites, Roger Wilco, Joe Canal’s Discount Liquor Outlet, and Canals Fine Wine! So, stop at one of these stores before hitting the golf course, or order some online and get free shipping in Pennsylvania.