Trinity Flavors have two locally crafted cocktails available for purchase: the Transfusion and Iced Irish Coffee for consumers in Phoenixville. Both delicious drinks are canned in the suburbs of Philadelphia and available to purchase either online or in your local liquor store. You can learn more about Trinity Flavors and our products by exploring our website!

The Perfect Golf Drink

If you are looking for the perfect drink while golfing in the Phoenixville area, Transfusion is exactly what you need! Transfusion golf drinks are available in slim, 12-ounce cans, which are convenient and readily available to bring with you for your next round of golf. Transfusions are made with premium vodka, sparkling ginger ale, and concord grape flavor. This flavor is perfect for quenching your thirst while out on the golf course. Not only are they refreshing and delicious, but they are also made with natural flavors, are gluten-free, and have an ABV of 7%. Conventionally available to buy in 24 packs, which are perfect for splitting with your buddies during a round of golf. Transfusion golf drinks are available to buy online or in stores in 24 packs for $59.95. Next time you schedule a round of golf with your friends, remember to buy Transfusions!

Iced Irish Coffee

Trinity Flavors also have Iced Irish Coffee cans available to buy. These ready-to-go cocktails are made with Faber liquors and La Colombe coffee. This option is perfect for someone who may need that extra kick of energy during their golf round. Our Iced Irish Coffee canned cocktails are made with natural flavors, are gluten-free, and have an ABV of 9%. 24 packs of our Iced Irish Coffee cans are available to purchase on our website or in stores for $69.95.

Where to Find Trinity Flavors

Trinity Flavors’ products can be purchased online, on our website, or at your local liquor store in Phoenixville. We are partnered with several liquor stores such as Fine Wine and Good Spirits, Joe Canal’s Discount Liquor Outlet, Total Wine and More, Super Buy-Rite, Wine and Liquor, Canal’s Fine Wines, and Roger Wilco. Find Transfusion products in your local store by searching online.

Why Should You Choose Trinity Flavors for Your Canned Cocktails?

Who would not want to support a local, woman-owned company? Trinity Flavors provides delicious, locally crafted cocktails at a great price. Both our Transfusion and Iced Irish Coffee are the perfect drink choices for whatever your occasion may be. The owner of Trinity Flavors, Kathy Pires, came up with the idea of the Transfusion cans in 2017 and since then has built a popular brand. Kathy has over 15 years of experience working in the ingredients industry and has a family background in entrepreneurship. Trinity Flavors’ products are a great choice for on the golf course, relaxing by the pool, at a family party, or just hanging out with friends. Reach out to our customer support team with any questions or concerns you may have by calling 610-608-1910. Trinity Flavors is proud to be a locally owned and operated canned cocktail company in the Philadelphia suburbs.