Are you looking for an alcohol-infused Irish coffee in Exton in PA? Then check out Trinity Flavors Iced Irish Coffee, a perfect drink to hit the golf course with. Iced Irish Coffee is made up of coffee and spirits with some Irish cheer. Well more specifically, Iced Irish Coffee is based on the classic drink. It’s an Iced Irish Coffee with a blend of spirits from Faber and coffee from LaColombe. It’s perfect for coffee lovers and even non-coffee lovers. Even if you don’t love having a morning cup of joe or enjoy a quick trip to a coffee shop, you’ll still love this drink. It’s the perfect blend of coffee and alcohol that will leave you feeling satisfied and ready to golf. Golf has strong Irish and Scottish roots, and of course, coffee is popular all around the world. Here in America, we love coffee! We have 35,616 coffee shops in the U.S.A, and all together they have a market value of over $45! If you enjoy Irish coffee alcohol, check out our Iced Irish Coffee today! 

Our History 

Trinity Flavors is a local and woman-owned company that was started by Kathleen, who after fifteen years of working in the drinks industry, decided she wanted to take a crack at it. She has an uncle who has a strong entrepreneurial grit in the drinks industry, and she had worked with him for years. Kathleen was on vacation, relaxing in Sea Isle, New Jersey when the idea stuck with her. She wanted to sell transfusion cocktails in a can. Now they have three drinks, Transfusion, Transfusion Lite, and an Irish coffee alcohol beverage called Iced Irish Coffee. She was proud to follow the footsteps of her late uncle who helped popularize pre-made Arnold Palmers and had worked with Arizona Iced Tea. Now, Trinity Flavors is proud to be serving Exton and its amazing golf courses and golfers. We are proud to work with different charities and we find it important to give back and create a long-lasting positive impact on our local communities. We have worked with PGA Reach Philadelphia and we donate a portion of the proceeds of every case of Transfusion drinks that we sell. We were incredibly proud to have a part in the Inaugural Pro-Am Championship last year. Altogether we had raised over $50,000 for the PGA charity, which helps promote golf and how it can change people’s lives. This yearly event also supports youth, diversity programming, and the military


Where to Buy

Have you been searching for canned alcohol infused with Irish coffee? You can buy an Iced Irish Coffee from any of these stores in Pennsylvania: 


Think about how nice it would be to swing by one of these stores before going to the golf course. Do you want a drink that’s a blend of coffee and alcohol? Check out Trinity Flavors Iced Irish Coffee. You won’t regret it!